Welcome to your life’s launch pad


The world of self-help and entrepreneurship is filled with blogs, YouTubers, and authors all proclaiming they know how you can get wealthy, live healthy, and enjoy a life of freedom and independence. I believe most of these people do have a working system, it’s just a matter of matching the individual’s needs to the concepts required for success. This site chronicles my journey through the information maelstrom that makes up the self-help genre towards prosperity and purpose, as well as serving as a platform to review and organize all of the books I will inevitably read. My hope is that you can capitalize on my trial-and-error methodologies, and spend your time reading material that’s more pertinent to your individual needs and desires.

Click here(6/29/16) to read the most recent review, Think Big by Donald Trump and Bill Zanker, or visit the review archive.

Read the interview with Blake Graham here.(7/2/16)

My primary goal is to discover and understand as many practical business models as possible, in order to participate in the promotion of individualized success and wealth. This website and its contents represent the culmination of the last 3 years of my life, and will act as a definitive start to the next chapter of my life.

© 2016 John Skinner, Jr.

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